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Aquarius Horoscope

You want your partner to be more assertive and that's one of the main problems that the two of you are facing. It's okay to be direct, but don't hurt your partner's feelings. Single signs will be approached by a Leo.

You need to be confident today, because it might be the day that you get a raise. This will help your financial situation out a lot. Don't be bossy or demanding, your boss knows why you deserve it.

Try to cut down your sugar intake because all that sugar is messing your skin up. Tea tree oil can really help with an acne flair up, but you need to fix the issue from the inside.

Always, always, always read about the traditions and customs of the country that you are visiting. Don't be surprised if you see something you are not used to.

The numbers 2 and 55 are your lucky numbers today. Don't invest in real estate today.

Spend some time with someone that you haven't seen in a long time, like a friend from college who you haven't been in touch with. Reminisce about the old times together!