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Aquarius Horoscope

Generally, today is going to be a great day for you. No matter if you’re single or taken. Venus is simply radiating with good energy.

The energy that Venus sending you will make you a bit more responsible with your money. Today will bring you a wise lesson that you need to learn from.

You are feeling healthy. Control the desire to be impulsive and reckless and everything will be fine. However, your stomach is your weak spot today.

When traveling, make sure that you try new food. Don’t ask what it is. Just put it in your mouth and see if you like it. If you put your guard up, you might miss out on some unusual and delicious local cuisine.

The numbers 7, 79, 23, 10 and 87 are your lucky numbers today. Don’t spend lots of money today.

You might feel a bit more lonely than usual, but there is a simple cure for that. Call your friends today and do something nice for them.

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