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Aries Horoscope

Married couples will have a small falling out at the end of the day. Single Aries signs are going to feel good around funny earth signs with pretty eyes.

At work, you may need to make an important decision in a small time frame. Try being a little more considerate with your money. You can’t really afford to be spending as much as you are right now.

Pay some extra attention to your stomach today. It is your weak spot today and you might experience some pain. If you can, go to bed a bit earlier and read a book.

The ideal place to travel to is going to be Warsaw, which is a really cool city located in Poland.

You will feel the lucky vibes that Jupiter is sending you today. The numbers 67, 38, 29, 11, 43, and 48 are your lucky numbers.

You will enjoy being around elderly members of your family today. With the Moon sending you strong energy, you will be in touch with your feelings today.