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Aries Horoscope

You need to work on rekindling the flame with your loved one if you’re an Aries that’s taken! Single Aries should take their mind off work and fall in love with love again. You deserve it!

You are very sensitive to the atmosphere at work and right now, someone’s negativity is bothering you. It’s a great time to work in the field, if your position allows it.

Your energy levels are through the roof today, but you need to change your diet. A snack should be a reward for your hard work, not a habit.

Your ideal spot for the day is Hawaii. Fresh air and nothing but the ocean on the horizon – all an Aries needs!

Your lucky numbers today are 1, 7, 34 and 56. The risks you take at work will pay off.

You feel misunderstood and don’t know how to communicate your wishes to people in authority. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice when the time comes.

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