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Cancer Horoscope

A conflict might happen due to miscommunication. This is due to the energy that Mercury is giving off. If you are single, a very magnetic Taurus will approach you and you won't expect it at all.

Steadily, you are progressing. It might be a bit slow, but progress is still progress. If you are doing something that you love doing, then this period will be like heaven to you.

You are going to be prone to diseases today, so stay away from people who are sick. Avoid hospitals and large crowds.

If you are travelling by train today, you will have a very pleasant experience. You might even meet someone new.

You will experience good luck throughout the day in many different ways. Try your luck in a game of chance.

You are feeling especially feisty today. Vocalize your opinions today, but don't cross any lines. Always apologize when you interrupt someone.

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