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Cancer Horoscope

Due to all the stress that you are going through because of your work, it's likely that you have put your relationship on the back burner. See what you can do to fix this and to make it up to your partner.

If you recently accepted a new job, then today will an exhausting day for you. The workload is massive, but don't let this discourage you. Break it down in simpler tasks and it will be a lot easier to handle.

You are healthy, but if you are a drinker, you absolutely need to get help. You might not feel the consequences right now, but your liver can't take a lot of alcohol abuse anymore.

There is a relaxing trip in your very near future. Make a list of things that you need to buy before the trip and start crossing things off of it.

Jupiter is sending you lots of luck when it comes to money. Expect some income today.

Your emotions have been going up and down pretty rapidly lately. It's high time that you spend some time with the people that you love.