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Cancer Horoscope

Your love necessities are different today. Clutching on to the demands vehemently you may lose the fine line between asking and over asking. Your sense of over demand is being driven by your craving

You are in your own sphere as of now. Gluing to your own panache of tackling things, you want to be yourself. Quick to react and high in liquid energy, you don't want to be kept in waiting till others finish their job.

You will need something challenging to kick you out of your monotony. A pastime, interest or hobby good enough to charge up your grey matter will be essential, as if this does not work out, then your teeth will surely do the working on the junk that is there in the fridge.

Fresh business awaits you. Transit in terms of enhancing or initiating a venture will be on the list.

It's time to look for a soul mate. Dating and wedding bells will be on their ring. Your ruler conjunct Venus will welcome in betrothals of your taste.

Your mental branch is not burde.ned with the snow of responsibility. When this exists, leading becomes easy. The steel of a carefree lion is a measure beyond. So be sure you make the most of it now.

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