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Capricorn Horoscope

Single Capricorns signs, get ready today. You have the attention of a mysterious Sagittarius. It may blossom into a beautiful romance. Married signs will have some communication issues.

At work, you may need to be more methodical when it comes to getting your work done today. If you owe anybody money, it’s high time to give it back to them.

Take some supplements that will improve the quality of your life. Even though you are healthy, you may have some issues with your skin today.

Sadly, today isn’t the best day for you to travel. However, a fantastic trip is in your near future.

Try your luck with a slot machine today. The color red will have a very deep meaning for you today.

It would be good for you if you volunteered or did something for a good cause. Maybe get your friends to join you in this adventure?