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Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorns are a little disconcerted by the intensity of emotion they are feeling; this is why you are suddenly backing off a little and shutting down, almost as if things were going too fast. But you had better get used to this level of passion as it is here to stay, and you should enjoy it.

At is a time when you feel confident in your ability to debate, present speeches or do public speaking. It is great for doing interviews or auditions, and in general, you can give a very good account of yourself.

Neptune in your 3rd house means over tiredness and mental fatigue can lead to depression. You need to get enough sleep as the downside of all the activity in March is excitement that can morph into stress which can leave you a little depleted.

Travel by boat, ferry or river cruiser is favored.

There are good surprises connected to social media connection.

Little will get you down right now, and even if those you know are a little reserved or even down in the dumps, you will cheer them up.

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