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Capricorn Horoscope

A big argument is going to happen and you know it. Don't give into anger and frustration. Be the bigger person and remain calm. Single signs are going to get romanced by Taurus signs.

It's okay if you aren't where you thought you would be. Don't base your entire worth on how much money you earn and what you do for a living. Take a day off and relax.

Wow, Capricorn! Your health has never been better. Imagine how great you would feel if you got a hang of going to the gym on a regular basis. Eat food that is richer in protein.

If you have family abroad, give them a call. They will most probably invite you to come and see them, and that's a trip that you won't say no to.

The numbers 57 and 2 are going to bring you buckets and buckets of luck.

You have been hiding behind a cold front that you have put up yourself. Stop pretending and face the issues that you have.