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Capricorn Horoscope

A new lover or partner must learn how much you value your privacy; a romance can quickly go downhill if you find that a partner has lose lips or wants to share your problems with others without discrimination. Trust is tested is all relationships and you may not be forgiving of transgressions.

In all walks of life you should be wary of confidence tricksters, those who offer a path to your favored career (which seems a little too good to be true) and scams.

You have to exert control right now, if you sit back and feel helpless about the situation allowing yourself to feel torn, it can escalate and can get even more complicated.

You may get a chance to travel in a sports car or by speedboat.

You are lucky when you have to think fast and make quick decisions.

In existing relationships you may struggle to find time to devote yourself mentally and emotionally to the union as you are in high demand within your family and at work and while the relationship is important to you, you have your own goals which you are desperate to keep on track.

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