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Capricorn Horoscope

Master of the unflappable smile, aren't you? Well, today your partner might just turn the tables. When they drop some "interesting" news, watch as your perfect smile starts to quiver. Oh, look at that—a real, genuine smile? A standing ovation is in order!

You're feeling invigorated, like you're seeing the world with fresh eyes. Embrace this childlike sense of wonder—it's not naive, it's fearless. Let this renewed perspective amplify your work mojo. The world better watch out; Capricorn is in the game!

You're known for your steady demeanor, but even you have your moments of passion that can catch others off guard. One second you're fine, and the next, boom—a rash or a pesky pimple! That inner intensity is the culprit. Quench it with plenty of water. Seriously, consider a water delivery service if you haven't already.

Hitting the road in your car? It's a safe bet, but don't get too comfy behind the wheel. Be prepared for life's little curveballs—you know, like a flat tire or unexpected traffic. Pack that emergency kit and you'll cruise through any hiccups.

Today, 29 and 11 aren't just numbers; they're your lucky charms. Whether you spot them on a license plate or in an unexpected text, take it as a sign that good fortune is smiling at you.

Your selfless nature often leads you to put others before yourself, and while that's noble, today it might teach you a hard lesson. It's all part of the emotional learning curve, so take it in stride and remember to set some boundaries for yourself too.

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