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Capricorn Horoscope

Today, share laughter and warmth with your loved one. If your relationship has lacked humor lately, meet up with friends for a good laugh. Laughter will rejuvenate your connection and improve all aspects of your relationship.

A new work cycle begins, bringing luck to your career. It's an excellent time to plan for a raise or promotion—you deserve it, and it's within your reach. Prepare to step up and seize these opportunities.

Relying on others' approval for self-confidence may lead to frustration. Balance is key; prioritize healthy self-esteem. Treat yourself kindly by exercising, enjoying nutritious meals, and ensuring adequate rest. If sleep eludes you, try chamomile tea for bedtime relaxation.

Today might not be the ideal time for travel. Consider planning your next adventure instead.

Lucky numbers: 68 and 32. Jupiter's powerful influence brings good fortune your way today.

Embrace solitude as you learn to enjoy your own company. Balancing alone time is essential for your well-being.