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Gemini Horoscope

Taken signs should do something that will surprise your partner today and that you know that the both of you will enjoy. Don't forget to bring gifts for your beloved.

If you are unemployed, then today will be the best day send out job applications and to go on interviews for a job. Employed signs will enjoy a good conversation with a co-worker.

Today will be a good day to try out a new work out. It will make you feel god, especially if it's some kind of group work out. It will motivate you to keep on going, and to keep on doing your best.

Do not be rude to anyone if you are in a foreign country. Ask a local for their favorite restaurant. Be careful when riding in taxis or public transport.

Jupiter is sending you some weird energy today. You won't be unlucky today, but you won't have a lot of luck.

Things are really looking up for you. You will feel more stable and consistent than yesterday. Keep this up and you will be able to accomplish anything.