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Gemini Horoscope

Someone from your family has been wanting to set you up with someone for the longest time. It's about time that you just bite the bullet and say yes. Hey, who knows? You might actually hit it off.

At work, you will have to maintain some speed, but you are capable to push it through. Bravo, Gemini! Your financial situation isn't really ideal but you are doing what you can to make it work.

Your health will be good today, but your weak spot will be your stomach. Something that you ate today just isn't sitting right with you.

Traveling by bus, especially if you are going somewhere far away, is very heinous. Bring along a neck pillow because sleeping in a bus isn't the best thing for your back.

The number 63 is going to bring you lots of luck today. Gambling isn't the best thing to do right now.

You might seem a little cold and distant towards your friends. Give them a call and plan a nice get-together. Cook a meal for them and have a gossip session.