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Gemini Horoscope

A great opportunity for new and exciting connections is likely for today, so keep and open mind and be more sociable.Although the past has seen some downs, this does not mean that you might stop trying, true love is more about perseverance than luck.

Some unexpected costs could be on the horizon, so save up so as not to be very affected if this happens.The cost of living may seem like something that keep adding up, living you little room to have fun or relax.

Try and be more active, even if this means taking a long walk, the benefits to your health will be visible.Consider a different life style, be more active, eat healthier and the benefits will surely follow.

Travelling will be hectic today. You will be able to crack beneficial deals for your organisation from your trip.

Lucky day for investments. Things will move slowly but steadily.

Your will have an emotionally balanced state of mind today. Throughout the day you shall experience a positive perspective to every negative situation and will be able to resolve any conflicts. Feeling of gratitude will uplift your soul.