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Gemini Horoscope

Today's alignment might tempt you to tackle issues head-on in your love life. It's a day to communicate your needs clearly, but also to listen. Past connections could be stirring emotions, making it a prime time to clear the air and set boundaries for healthier relationships moving forward.

Expect some hiccups with technology and communication at work, as gadgets may not cooperate, and messages might get twisted. Stay patient and double-check everything. It's a period demanding extra attention to detail to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure your professional efforts are accurately received.

Your sensitivity could peak today, pointing to the importance of self-care and balanced nutrition. Incorporate green vegetables into your meals for an energy boost. Remember, expressing your feelings constructively can also alleviate stress and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Travel plans could face minor setbacks, especially if they involve technology. Prepare for contingencies and maintain flexibility in your itinerary.

Luck today is more about seizing opportunities through clear communication and assertiveness rather than waiting for good fortune to find you.

You might feel a push-pull between seeking support and craving independence. Recognize this tension and strive for balance. It's okay to ask for space respectfully or seek solace in solitude to recharge.

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