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Gemini Horoscope

Taken Gemini signs are going to feel just like they did at the beginning of the relationship. You truly have something very special and beautiful with your partner. Single signs feel good around Libra signs.

If you are late with a deadline, make sure that your client is aware of the situation. It is highly probable that you are doing a lot better with your finances.

Try to be more consistent with your work out regime. Only that way will you be able to see true results. Cut down your sodium intake.

The ideal country that you should visit is going to be Italy! You will have lots of fun there.

You will have lots of financial luck throughout the day. Your lucky numbers are going to be 4, 1, 33, and 26.

You need to remember how strong you actually are, Gemini. You will get through the hard times. Just be patient.

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