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Leo Horoscope

Taken Leo signs will feel some tension in your relationship, but it's nothing that a nice dinner date can't fix. Be open and honest with your partner. Single signs will meet someone sensual today.

Today, you will receive some money you completely forgot about. Progress is slow, but it's definitely happening. Now is not the time to give up. Keep on pushing and everything will be alright.

You feel a little tired. Your stomach is your weak spot today, so if you decide to drink alcohol or to indulge in fatty food, be moderate.

The idea of being able to leave everything behind for at least a week and disappear somewhere has always been appealing to you. Is there a way you can make it happen?

Do not gamble or spend large sums of money on things you don't need, Leo.

You will feel energetic and ready to take on any challenge. Today will bring you lots of new exciting opportunities. It's the perfect time to try out something that you've always wanted to do.

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