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Leo Horoscope

Buckle up, Leo, because love's serving you a double whammy today. Just when you think you've seen it all, an old flame might waltz back into your life, looking and acting like a whole new person. Second shocker? They want you back. Whoa, right? Keep your cool; don't let the surprise knock you off your royal throne.

Sounds like the office drama meter is spiking today. If someone's talking loudly enough for everyone to hear, know that it's more their show than a critique of your performance. Don't take the sound and fury personally; they're just clamoring for the spotlight. Let them have it while you stay laser-focused on your own game.

If you're scrutinizing your lifestyle habits, don't overlook your kitchen. It's not just about having the ingredients but feeling comfortable enough to whip up something nourishing. The more you cook, the more control you have over what goes into your body. Even if it's just one home-cooked meal a week to start, you're on the right track. And hey, maybe it's time to allocate some of that home-decorating budget to making your kitchen your happy place.

Discomfort looms for travelers today so postpone nonessential trips, Leo. If obligations require you to venture out, pack patience and expect delays. Unforeseen forces meddle in transit. Remaining flexible helps you go with the flow. This too shall pass.

The stars bless business dealings today! Sign contracts and make bold moves under this auspicious sky. Luck shines on important agreements now. Seize opportunities that expand your horizons. Prosperity rises when you say yes. The forecasts are favorable.

Don't wallow, Leo. Grow your confidence to master emotions running high today. Stay determined through ups and downs without pity or erratic reactions. Patience and perspective tame the wild moods. Ride out the turbulence through focus. Calm is coming.