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Leo Horoscope

Today, being straightforward and genuine in your relationships is key. An important person in your life is excited to share something significant with you, which could open doors to exciting opportunities. Your genuine excitement and support are essential, so let go of any pretense and share in the joy and potential of this moment.

Anticipate some delays in your commute; the current planetary situation suggests challenges with short journeys. Be proactive—having jumper cables ready could be a lifesaver. This phase calls for patience and preparation as unexpected hiccups might slow you down.

Feeling off but can't pinpoint why? It might be your body signaling overexertion. Nourish it with fresh juices like carrot, apple, and ginger to cleanse your kidneys and restore balance. Avoid getting involved in conflicts at home or work—it's not your job to resolve every issue.

Travel might be more challenging today, so plan for extra time and prepare for possible delays. Your adaptability will be your best asset.

While luck may not be in your favor regarding travel, your ability to connect and share genuine moments with others could bring unexpected joy and opportunities.

You may experience a mixture of anticipation and anxiety today. The news you'll receive has the potential to lift your spirits, but it's also okay to feel cautious. Remember, your emotional well-being is enhanced by sharing your true feelings and connecting authentically with others.

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