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Leo Horoscope

Leo, have you ever watched a romantic movie and thought “Wow, I wish that was me”? Your shining Disney moment might be coming very soon with the energy that Venus is giving out.

Your career is doing alright. It could be going better, but with everything that’s going on, you are truly giving your maximum. Don’t suffer in silence if someone is harassing you or upsetting at work, however.

If you have had problems with your skin, make sure that you see a professional right away. Homemade remedies might help but it’s better to go where the true knowledge is.

The ideal place for you to travel to is Brazil! Make sure to look your absolute best when you get there.

Jupiter is sending you some luck. Your lucky numbers are going to be 6, 44, 57, 11 and 19 today.

Emotionally, you are doing good today. However, learning to say “no” to people is going to change a lot of things in your life.