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Libra Horoscope

Arguments maybe caused by the amount of money you are both spending socially, i.e., you may be invited to a wedding, and one of you wants to be far more generous with the wedding gift than the other. In general, friends and your social life are not in sync with your love relationship, and it tends to be a choice between keeping friends happy or keeping him/her happy.

Libra may feel in a limbo regarding their work - you may be waiting for a major announcement from your employer or waiting for a client to make up their minds so that you can proceed.

With Neptune in your 6th house activated by Mars, illnesses you come down with may follow an unusual path, and in many cases, they may be exacerbated by allergies. Allergy testing and awareness of the things which you as an individual may have reactions to are essential.

This is a fortunate time for traveling city to city for promoting your service business.

There is good fortune when you express your imagination in the arts or in terms of business.

You need to be a little selfish today - make your excuses to others and take time to fulfil your needs.

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