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Libra Horoscope

You will be drawn to someone with their Moon in Aquarius today. Their aloof nature might make them seem uninterested, but trust in yourself and make some small talk with them. As a taken Libra, you should stop avoiding confrontation!

To advance in your career, you must make a bigger effort in networking. It may not seem like it now, but your competition is what will help you grow. It’s a great day for a big investment.

Avoid drinking alcohol today. Your liver needs a rest. It’s an excellent day for drinking herbal tea instead!

You won’t regret visiting Baltic countries – enjoy the unique local culture at an affordable price!

Job opportunities galore! You’re very lucky today. Your numbers are 12, 24, 27 and 37.

There is a cloud of positive energy around you today, so make sure to spread it wherever you go. A smile can brighten one’s whole day!

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