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Pisces Horoscope

You will have to work hard to iron out differences, and it will test your patience. For married Pisces, your partner may not be able to understand your need for a close friendship with someone of either sex. Your partner may be jealous of the potential for a sexual relationship, or he/she may merely be jealous of the time you spend with this friend and the intimacy (non-sexual intimacy) and connection you have.

Mars sextile your ruler, means it is the time for doing things which require individualism and personal responsibility; this is a time to take on those things which only you can do and which need your full attention.

Pisces may be ready for an image change, and this is the perfect time for a new hair color, wardrobe revolution, or even something more permanent, i.e., a tattoo, minor cosmetic surgery, which increase your confidence of sense of self. This may be a significant month for those of you on a transgender journey.

Travel in connection with responsibility for others is favorable.

You tend to be lucky in matters to do with artistic development or training.

In emotional matters use the art of subtle persuasion rather than hammering home your ideas aggressively.