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Pisces Horoscope

Right now, there is a lot of jealousy in your relationship and that's not healthy for either one of you. Single signs will feel a strong connection and attraction to a Cancer sign.

When buying clothes, don't go for fast fashion. Go for quality pieces. Yes, it might cost more, but you won't find yourself reinvesting in a new jacket over and over again. It will be a busy day at work.

Pisces signs who drink a lot should get their liver checked out. All in all, everything is alright, you are just feeling a little drained and tired.

Whatever you do, do not pack your bags a few hours before the flight. Write out a list and as you pack cross it off.

With Jupiter sending out some lucky vibes, expect good fortune when it comes to money. Maybe try your chance with gambling or betting?

Being around old friends is going to recharge your batteries like never before. Someone from your family is going to give you some good news today.

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