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Pisces Horoscope

If you are feeling a little melancholy it may be because you have not been heard; Pisces must have the ear of their romantic partner and if he/she has been distracted you need to let them know that the quality of intimate communication must improve.

Much of what is significant takes place in the abstract which makes this ideal for Pisces as you are excellent at making connections and thinking laterally.

The way forward may not be obvious; health and fitness matters must be taken step by step and with patience.

Travel to do activities related to the sea are favored.

Mars in your fifth house brings luck when you are decisive about a family matter.

While old ties are broken, new roots have not yet been set down, and you feel in a state of flux, and while this can be disconcerting, it is also inspiring as you feel that there is great potential there waiting to be tapped.

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