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Pisces Horoscope

You will feel like an adolescent again. Your love will become even more charming with your childlike playfulness. Being back to your innocent self, it's this cherubim charm of yours that keep flying the embers of scintillation and glitter.

You are bubbling with zeal and passion. Riding high on enthusiasm, it's the perfect time to take up work that is challenging and requiring enough mental steel. You will be sure to win the game of competitiveness. Your dynamism will give you the edge to leap up those long shots.

You are seeking the newness in your monotonous routine. Conventional chores do not energize you. You are looking for something that will test your mental and physical prowess. Adventure is your appetizer and so is some choppy travelling.

Long distance travelling is on the list.

Your energies are focused now and are in perpendicular to your targets. Thus, you just have to set the ball rolling hitting down the tenpins of your targets.

Dreamy eyed, you set your imagination running wild. Loosening the noose will let you delve deeper into this unconventional and original waters of resourcefulness. Your inspiration lies in the process of conceiving them in your visions, no matter how tough the going may seem.

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