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Pisces Horoscope

You will have a better understanding of your companion. You can extrapolate about what he/she is expecting from you and in what degree. Taking these wants in consideration, you will give in exactly what is expected. Without getting into the tangibility of it, your companion might also have an impression of receiving what is expected.

Your energies are focused today more on what is the priority and what needs to be done that is of utmost importance. Keeping yourself away from all the gossip and energy-time frittering activities of shopping and queuing, you are exactly wanting to hit the bull's-eye.

Divert the after-office energy punch into some sort of physical recreation. The ambience will appear serene to walk or cycle from office. A dip in the water pool will also be refreshing. Siphon your activated energy into something constructive, as you would be too bouncy to lay back and slacken off.

It's time to sit back into theater chairs and enjoy the big screen.

Romantic associations and camaraderie will bring in a good luck kiss.

You are childlike right now, feeling as innocent, playful and vibrant as a prancing children. This cheery mood will help you open new vistas toward various experiences in romance and love.

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