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Pisces Horoscope

Be yourself. Love blooms better for those who are honest. Its colors become more strong and vibrant who fearlessly speak up their minds and also take the responsibility of the aftermath. Glossing over will change the entire texture of your relationships and more so of your existence.

Keep the bigger picture in the mind. In the process of fishing for facts, do not lose tract of your panoramic perception. It's your bird's eye view that will help you shoot down the flying factys without letting you lose the way out of the factual cobweb.

While snorkeling in deep waters, entire extrapolation of the depth can never be accurate. Only 60% of it can be known and the rest has to be left to chance. It's after all the sheer faith that can take one through, otherwise drowning are bound to happen in shallow fluids also.

Transit for therapeutic or pharmaceutical purpose is on the list.

Recruitment will bring you good luck.

It's time to empty out your mental vaults of all the emotional dirt. Vent out these feelings and make a fresh start. Your unburdened self will work vigorously towards your goals.