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Sagittarius Horoscope

You are loyal to the bone and you would never cheat. Have a serious talk with your partner and see where your relationship stands at this point. Your relationship will improve after understanding your differences.

Financially, you might take a bigger hit today. Your boss and your co-workers love how energetic and optimistic you are and how you can lift anyone's spirit.

Your health is great, but it could be even better if you tried to cut down on eating junk food. Try cutting down the time that you spend on your phone.

When traveling, remember to be frugal, not cheap. Enjoy yourself, but don't overspend.

Being around a very happy people is going to bring you lots of luck today. You may find a very souvenir from an old friend, your lucky charm!

Bottling things up isn't going to bring you any good. There are a few things on your mind today that are bothering you. Talk to some close friends about this.