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Sagittarius Horoscope

True depth of feeling will be displayed by you, and you will want reciprocation, and if you do not get that you will lay down the law. Sagittarians have no truck with time-wasters, and so if you are flirting with a Sag and are not serious about taking the next step, watch out as you are in for the chop.

With Neptune sextile Mars, it is important for you to try things out on a trial and error basis as you may feel constrained by limitations that are imagined - you need to work out by experimenting or testing what can and cannot be done.

Issues stemming from childhood and often linked to parents or events back then can cloud the present; it is time to stop seeing these events/issues as defining - they may define a phase in your life, but they do not define you, and they should no longer have power over you.

A fortunate time to start journeys and you should enjoy every step of the way rather than fixating on the eventual outcome.

There is luck if you formulate long-range plans.

It is also time to address areas of your life where you are becoming too inflexible and a little obsessive.

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