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Sagittarius Horoscope

Today's challenging Mercury-Pluto square encourages you to express your genuine feelings to your loved one. Be open and let them see your true enthusiasm. This honesty can lead to a deeper connection and more enjoyment together. Consider giving them a unique gift that shows your affection and commitment, reinforcing your message in a creative and memorable way.

Today is an ideal day to focus on personal matters. Taking the time to address your own needs will help you start next week with a clearer mind and a more solid foundation. Being a bit selfish today is not only necessary but beneficial for your overall productivity in the coming days.

Your sensitivity to changes in your routine can be used to your advantage. If you're struggling to start a new health regimen, just taking the first step can give you a boost of energy that encourages you to continue. Use this initial surge of motivation to establish a regular health and fitness routine that you can stick to.

Travel might be more challenging today, especially if plans are disrupted or communications break down. It’s a good day to be adaptable and to handle travel-related issues with patience and creativity.

Your luck may be mixed today due to the tense planetary alignment. It's a good day to rely on your intuition and personal strength rather than expecting good fortune to come without effort.

The Mercury-Pluto square might stir up strong feelings today, making you more reactive or sensitive to changes around you. Recognize these emotions and address them directly to maintain your emotional balance. Open communication about your feelings can help prevent misunderstandings.

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