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Sagittarius Horoscope

As the Moon transitions from Aquarius to Pisces and moves from your third house to the fourth, you might be worried about an upcoming virtual date seeming too formal. However, the day holds more pleasant surprises than you expect. Relax and be yourself; you'll find that you can have fun in situations that initially seem stiff or overly structured.

Today marks the beginning of a new cycle in your work life that could be very lucky for you. If you've been thinking about asking for a raise or seeking a promotion, now is an excellent time to start laying the groundwork. Your efforts and achievements are likely to be recognized, paving the way for advancement.

Your strong opinions and independence of thought are big parts of who you are, helping you steer towards what's best for you. To maintain your well-being, consider incorporating regular yoga into your routine. Yoga can help stabilize your mood and firm up your body while releasing any pent-up stress, keeping your eccentric tendencies in check and enhancing your overall health.

Today’s planetary movement suggests that it’s a good time for planning rather than immediate travel. If you have trips on the horizon, consider reviewing and solidifying your plans. Preparing now will ensure smoother journeys later.

The transition of the Moon suggests that your luck today will be closely tied to domestic matters and personal reflections. Engaging deeply with these aspects can unexpectedly open doors and bring opportunities your way.

With the Moon's shift into your fourth house, you may feel a need to retreat slightly and focus on your inner world. This can be a time for introspection and emotional realignment. Pay attention to your feelings and allow yourself space to process and understand them, which will bring clarity and peace.

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