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Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius, there will be a change in your love life very soon. If you are taken, you might be more passionate and possessive than usual. Single signs will flirt with an intelligent Capricorn.

You’ve worked really hard, and that hard work has definitely been paying off. Mars is “driving” you to success today. A co-worker in a higher position than you might want to talk to you today.

Everyone has a time when they are feeling a bit down. You might experience some pain in your back, but it’s nothing a good massage won’t help you with.

Locals don’t eat out every night and neither should you. Go grocery shopping. You can learn a lot about locals’ diets by seeing the type of food they buy.

Jupiter may send you some luck. As long as you don’t gamble today, a lot of luck will follow you throughout the day.

You are feeling good and there is positive energy all around you. People are very drawn to you because of this.

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