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Sagittarius Horoscope

You should flirt more openly with the Earth sign that has caught your eye! If you are taken, do something romantic – it will be much appreciated and it will strengthen your relationship. Keep in mind, don’t ignore your friends’ messages today, either!

You’ll attract more business with your natural attitude. Keep it up! Just make sure to be more assertive and communicate your thoughts clearly. Feel free to treat yourself afterwards.

You are prone to vitamin B and C deficiencies. Pay attention to any pain in your bones today. It’ important to rest.

Visit Italy and don’t miss the sunset in Venice! It’s going to be an incredible adventure.

Today, your lucky numbers are 3, 56, 57 and 78. Don’t make rash decisions today.

Stay in touch with your glamorous side today. Don’t be afraid to take out your best suit or your best dress and flaunt your unique look. You’ll feel much better!

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