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Scorpio Horoscope

New relationships will bring out the best in you, and even if you have suffered from self-esteem issues, you can become more self-assured, and that includes sexually. New relationships can play a key role in building your confidence and expanding your horizons.

With Neptune activated in your 5th house, Scorpio are ready to take the limelight, and this is an excellent time for all performers and artists who are launching projects or promoting themselves. This favours creative pursuits and also those creative projects which rely heavily on technology, i.e., graphic design, music production, film editing, etc.

Pleasure is high on the agenda and you are likely to attend events, social occasions or grand openings, these activities give you a boost. You will want to have a good time and feel young again. In many cases, you will enjoy these events with your children.

A fortunate time for traveling to see clients or demonstrate a product.

A good time to hire staff.

Responsibilities feel lighter now, and so this is a good time to strengthen the emotional and sexual side of relationships.