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Scorpio Horoscope

Taken Scorpios, your partner can't read your mind. You need to be direct and open, because if not, what is the point of being in a relationship? Single signs will get along with Sagittarius signs.

Your career is going smoothly. Getting along with your co-workers has never been easier. However, you need to expand your options when it comes to your financial situation.

Swimming is a great way to tone your body. When cooking, use plenty of herbs and spices. The food will taste better, and spices are beneficial for your health.

Whatever you do, don't exchange your money at an airport. The rates are always horrible. Do it if you really don't have another choice.

You might want to buy that lottery ticket today. The numbers 26 and 20 are going to bring you good luck.

An Aquarius sign is going to calm you today. Practice breathing from your stomach and telling yourself positive affirmations.

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