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Scorpio Horoscope

Single Scorpio signs are feeling a little lonely today due to Pluto sending you weird energy. Taken Scorpio signs will be prone to arguing and bickering today. It's not the best time to bring up and issue from the past.

It will be just another, boring day at work. Mingling with co-workers is going to help you feel like the day is going by sooner. Maybe it's time that you throw away that credit card that you maxed out?

Your health has never been better! Keep this up, Scorpio, since your health is of utmost importance. If possible, go to bed a little earlier and don't drink coffee in the afternoon.

Traveling just isn't in your agenda right now. You have too many other things to think about and to tend to.

You will have moderate luck throughout the day. The number 5 is going to be your lucky number.

Lately, one of your good friends has been behaving a bit strange. There is a growing distance between the two of you, and you know this. Give your friend a call and see how you can fix this.

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