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Scorpio Horoscope

If you are single, a very intelligent and funny Aries might approach you and you won't expect it at all. Taken Scorpios might be a very jealous lover today. Financially, you are doing good. However, living from paycheck to paycheck really isn't a way to live. At work, you are progressing steadily. It might be a bit slow, but progress is still progress. With your immune system going a bit low, it is likely that you are going to be prone to diseases today, so stay away from people who are sick. Especially avoid hospitals and large crowds. The ideal place for you to visit is going to be Belize! It's a wonderful country in Central America! Your lucky numbers are going to be 57, 22, and 91 today. Try your luck in a game of chance. Socialize with your family today. Vocalize your opinions, but don't cross any lines. Always apologize when you interrupt someone.

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