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Scorpio Horoscope

Single signs may feel comfortable around Cancer signs. Taken Scorpio signs may feel like they should be more affectionate with their partner. Buy them flowers, get them a little gift that says “I love you”.

You may receive some money today. Work has been a big priority for you lately; to the point that you are even prioritizing it over spending time with loved ones.

Your weak spot today is going to be your throat, so be aware. Try to go to bed a little earlier and don’t spend so much time on your phone.

The ideal place for you is the France today! If you love art, good coffee, and good cheese, you will be in awe!

Try your luck with betting or gambling. Your lucky numbers are going to be 58, 90, 19 and 37 today.

Today it would be good for you to find a new hobby. Think of all the things that you have wanted to try out and now pick one that is realistically easy to try out to day.

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