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Taurus Horoscope

Today's alignment with Uranus suggests it's time to break free from past connections that hold you back. A fresh start in your love life awaits as you find the courage to make bold moves. Clearing away old ties will open the door to new romantic adventures. It's a day for liberation and moving forward with confidence.

Unexpected communication issues might arise, possibly affecting an important job opportunity. Remember, this period is marked by minor setbacks, so stay patient and proactive. Keep your contact details updated and accessible to prevent missed connections. Adaptability is your strength during this time, helping you navigate through any professional hiccups.

Feeling overwhelmed by demands from others may stress you out today. However, the current planetary setup encourages you to reclaim your personal space. Use your sharp wit to establish boundaries. It's a temporary phase, so maintain your composure and assert your needs without hesitation.

Travel plans might face some disruptions today. Stay flexible and consider alternative options. It's not the best day for smooth journeys, so patience will be your ally.

Your innovative approach to challenges brings unexpected luck. Keep an open mind, and you may stumble upon serendipitous opportunities.

You might feel pulled in different directions, but today's energy gives you the clarity to prioritize your well-being. Seize the chance to assert your individuality and emotional space. It's a powerful day for self-expression and setting healthy boundaries.

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