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Taurus Horoscope

You have to be honest with yourself too, Taurus. If you have been manipulating or lying to your partner, it’s time you own up to it. Single signs will think lovingly about someone from their friend group.

Financially, you will go through some ups and downs today, but everything will be alright. Venus is sending you good energy. Show some initiative at work.

Mentally, you are feeling good. Your weak spot will be your feet, so make sure that you are warm and comfortable today. Cut down your consumption of cigarettes.

Learn a few phrases before traveling. You don’t need to master the language but learning a few things like “Hello,” “Goodbye,” “Thank you!”, “Where’s the bathroom?” will go a long way to endearing yourself with the locals.

The numbers 91, 32, 34 and 74 will have a lucky meaning for you today. However, gambling with money that you don’t have isn’t the best decision.

Emotionally, you are feeling like everything is finally going alright. You are learning to live, love and to let go.

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