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Taurus Horoscope

With the Moon opposing Mercury today, you might find yourself second-guessing how much you've shared with a new romantic interest. It's a day where playing it cool could benefit you. Pulling back a little may make you feel more comfortable and give you time to see if your feelings are reciprocated without making yourself too vulnerable too soon.

Your ability to get things done efficiently is heightened today, thanks to your sharp focus. Even though others might be dragging their feet, you're on a roll, handling tasks quickly and effectively. This burst of productivity comes at a good time and shows that when you're motivated, you're unstoppable at work.

Today, sensitivity might lead you to blame others for how you feel, but focus on nurturing yourself instead. Eating well, especially greens like broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts, will boost your energy and mood. By taking care of your dietary needs, you can reduce negativity and feel more in control of your emotions.

Travel may require extra patience today, as miscommunications are likely. Double-check your schedules and reservations to avoid any hitches. A calm approach will help you handle any travel-related challenges.

Luck might not be strongly in your favor today, but your quick thinking can turn minor setbacks into opportunities. Stay alert and be ready to adapt to circumstances as they arise.

Today's opposition between the Moon and Mercury may heighten emotional responses, making you feel more reactive, especially in conversations. Be aware of this tendency and try to pause before responding to others. This can help in maintaining peace and understanding in your interactions throughout the day.

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