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Virgo Horoscope

There have been a few setbacks in your relationship, and it's about time that the two of you discussed them. Single signs will feel comfortable around Libra signs.

Woah, Virgo. That's a lot of shopping that you have been doing lately! Maybe it's time that you adapt to a healthier coping mechanism rather than spending and spending?

You will have some trouble with your sight today. Other than that, you are completely healthy. Shy away from alcoholic beverages today.

If possible, today is the absolute perfect day for you to go to the beach, relax and read a book. Be sure to wear lots of sunscreen!

Jupiter isn't sending you all too lucky vibes today, but tomorrow will be better. Don't take any risks today.

Someone has been hiding a secret from you and today is the day that you are going to find out. You might be disappointed or actually very surprised...

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