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Virgo Horoscope

In love it is best to let it go rather than to try to prove a point or show that you were right - just move on, it does not matter.

Working to deadlines is a big challenge and also a headache today and you may find there is an unacceptable loss of quality to finish to a tight deadline.

As Mars squares up to your ascendant, your body is more sensitive to toxins today and so you should avoid processed food and also sauces and dressings, especially if there are a multitude of ingredients and synthetic ingredients.

Travel should be undertaken with due care and deliberation, not on impulse.

You are lucky when you are bold and assert your power.

Virgo will look to push their agendas in relationships; you will be the more emotionally forceful partner, and you have the power now to reshape things. You will look for more depth and more honesty in relationships.

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