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Virgo Horoscope

You hide your emotions the way a candy is dipped in the sugar syrup, concealing it of its true color and texture. When dipped in sugar, the candy deviates from its real taste. That's your exact purpose of glossing your feelings; keeping out of the show and waxing the situation to sparkle the specks of harmony.

You tend to rationalize the happenings. The fiber of your logic and reason will spin itself around your mental faculties getting to the gut and the core of the things. But certain happenings cannot be laid on the substratum of mere syllogism. They are in place to plant the seeds of higher perception and awakening.

You will be forced to focus on things you would prefer to ignore. It is a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ but if it is broke or even cracked, fix it without delay and do not make excuses.

Processions, corteges and community based affairs will keep you on your toes as a part of travel and transit.

Nexus enhancing and connection establishing will be important luck bringing factors.

Your social neurons will start to twitch with a different energy current as friends, family and buddies are your ventilators right now bringing in ample sunshine and positivity. Venus in conjunct with your 11th house ruler will usher in activation of happy aura around you.