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Aquarius Horoscope

Your heart will rule over your mind. Your sentimentality will outsmart your pragmatism. This may lead to random reciprocation and impulsivity.

Your energies will produce a significant change in the way you perceive things. It will give you renewed sense of vigor, freshness and above all else freedom.

You have a wide graph of variously intensified energies. Your carnal, mental, emotional and intellectual energies are all somersaulting with great intensity. All you are looking is for the perfect outlet in terms of challenge and situations to let these out constructively.

Wide on travel spectrum, you will enjoy public modes of transport including planes and automobiles. Short junkets will also be on thelist.

Your sofalizing will bring you luck, especially through twitter.

Your energies will attract strange experiences. With strange gyrating energies, you will act as a magnet to these outlandish experiences.

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