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Cancer Horoscope

You have been way too invested in your relationship lately. Take a moment for yourself. Single Cancer signs are going to get along with Capricorn signs.

A new job position has opened up that suits you a lot more than what you are doing right now. See what your options are. Expect a big check coming your way very soon.

Always warm up before exercising, because otherwise, it's highly likely that you will get injured during the work out. Don't forget to "warm up" after the exercise too.

If you are traveling for work, be prepared for some difficult situations. You probably won't feel as focused and as motivated.

Jupiter is sending good energy your way, Cancer. The number 6 and 38 are going to bring you a lot of financial luck.

With all the ups and downs that you have been going through, it's a miracle that you still have any friends left. Apologize to who you need to apologize.

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