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Cancer Horoscope

Taken signs will have a small falling out with their partner at the end of the day. It will most likely be an argument about money or your future plans. Try to see eye-to-eye about the issue that you are facing.

You can handle everything and anything today. However, it would be easier if you were paid more for the job that you are doing. Be direct and ask your boss for a raise.

If you have been eating a lot of processed foods, you might have some issues with your stomach and your general health today. Have you thought about going vegan for a week?

If you are in a foreign country, it would be best if you have some delicious local food and immerse yourself in the culture. Although, make sure that you know what you are exactly eating.

The number 2, 6, and 98 are going to be your lucky numbers for the day. Jupiter has good things in store for your today.

You are one of the luckiest people if you have friends who are that supportive and that loving. Never let them go, Cancer. Tell them how much you love them and appreciate them.